BuzzFeed, Don’t Forget the Internet!

This may seem like a weird title for a blog post about an online-only news outlet. Hear me out.

In previous newstrack blogs, we’ve established that BuzzFeed News is on its way to being better at the internet than any other news source. Embedded social media elements! Crowdsourcing data! Accessible formatting!

BuzzFeed doesn’t always incorporate these elements, apparently. And it should.

Take Paul McLeod’s Republicans Are Nearing A Last-Minute Deal To Save Their Health Care Bill for example. It is constructed much like any other online news piece. A headline, summary, and picture at the top, and then a big old chunk of text, uninterrupted by anything.

This is uncharacteristic for what I’ve seen from BuzzFeed so far, and I’m not sure I like it. The online elements BuzzFeed usually employs so well aren’t present here. Maybe it’s because a story about legislative deals doesn’t lend itself to multimedia—but I disagree. No embedded tweets from House members scrambling to get President Trump’s Affordable Health Care Act passed? In comparison, this piece is jarringly empty.

This is in no way a comment on the content of the article. It just doesn’t include what I’ve come to expect—and enjoy—from BuzzFeed News.


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