BuzzFeed Perfects its News-to-Brain Delivery System

Tonight, a federal judge in Hawaii placed a stay on Trump’s ban affecting refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority nations. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it happened before. It’s a second ban and a second go around the courts.

BuzzFeed News has the development covered in a more accessible way than most legacy news outlets.

What’s the shortest route from screen to brain? Bullet points. BuzzFeed News loves them. For this topic, BuzzFeed introduces the new development in the first bullet point and follows it with other bullet points that provide background context and links to previous coverage. Another bullet includes a link to a piece exploring the differences between the first ban and the new one.

One of my main problems with established news sources these days is their opacity. They want new subscribers from new demographic bases, but their coverage remains opaque to those who want to start reading the news for the first time. BuzzFeed provides the much-needed handholding. (So did Vox, before it became a thinly veiled partisan vehicle.)

I could have used guidance like this when I first started reading the news, especially on issues as complicated as Trump’s immigration order court battle.  I hope BuzzFeed keeps this commitment to clarity as it builds its news organization.


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