Midterm project, chugging along

Here are some teaser quotes for my midterm project about faculty protest.


“I think a lot of professors, if you didn’t just take on Silber on his, what–he is in a way like Trump in that if you take on him personally, his record, things that he you know, otherwise he doesn’t–kind of left you alone. But if you really took on him and his  power and authority personally, that’s when you could get involved.” -On former B.U. president John Silber

“And that’s the whole thing about Silber. He’s so mixed picture. That on the one hand, he did some terrific things, in terms of getting publicity for the school, getting resources, getting good faculty members, and on the other hand he had this other side where he wanted to–he really was a control freak. He wanted everything done the way he wanted it. So that led to a lot of clashes with students and faulty and things of that sort.” -On former B.U. president John Silber


“Humans burning fossil fuels are responsible for climate change. Furthermore, and most seriously, that it is an existential threat to the world as we know it.” -On climate change and his involvement in Divest BU

“I think of people as having qualities. And qualities can play out both in good ways and bad ways. And he had the quality of being very exacting and demanding and a deep thinker. And that played out in very god ways. His ability to decide what is a problem, how do we solve it, how do we mount the effort that we need to overcome this issue and solve it as an outgrowth of that exactingness and quality that he had. The negative was that at times he of course was condescending, and short-tempered, and angry and distasteful in his interactions. But you can’t have one without the other. It was just a part of who he was.” -On former B.U. president John Silber



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