BuzzFeed’s Big Data Dump: TrumpWorld

All the president’s entanglements.


PHOTO: Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. Photo & caption by Gage Skidmore. Found using Creative Commons.

This week’s newstrack blog isn’t necessarily about a news article. I have a good excuse, though. We’re talking about data in class this week, and this is all about data.

BuzzFeed News reporters John Templon, Anthony Cormier, Alex Campbell, along with BuzzFeed data editor Jeremy Singer-Vine, have put together a map of all of President Trump’s businesses, investments, and corporate connections. The behemoth’s name: TrumpWorld.

After posting about the TrumpWorld project on January 15, BuzzFeed opened the project to the public. In the post (linked above), the reporters said they spent two months compiling a detailed list of all of Trump’s entanglements. They admitted that they could not possibly have found them all and called on readers to send them any new links.

On January 20, BuzzFeed updated the post, saying that thanks to readers’ contributions, TrumpWorld now contains the link between President Trump and over 1,700 people and organizations. I don’t know the ratio of BuzzFeed-to-reader contributions, but crowdsourcing data journalism like this seems brilliant and serves as a good illustration of something that would have been impossible without the Internet.

I hope that BuzzFeed makes the TrumpWorld map interactive soon. The full spreadsheet that TrumpWorld is based on is downloadable, but it would be great to be able to click around in the map itself. Interactivity is another great addition to journalism that we didn’t really have pre-Internet—take advantage of it, BuzzFeed!

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